VIP Privilege


Some events have space or time allocated for VIP guests.

What does this mean?
Guests who pay to be VIP members for the night will get:-
- More time to talk to the team leaders
- More time in the most haunted room(s)/area
- Tour of the venue
- Dedicated Ghost Hunt Events team member for the night
- Special Access to the latest ghost hunting equipment not normally used by our guests
- More time at the venue (normally 45 minutes at the start of the night and 15 minutes at the end)

The VIP Privilege costs £5 on top of the ticket price.

Events available for VIP Privilege

The prices listed below are the VIP prices.


Book Royal Gunpowder Mills on 29th July 2017 - £45 per person - 6 tickets available


Book Harwich Redoubt Fort on 19th August 2017 - £45 per person - 11 tickets available


Book Nothe Fort on 16th September 2017 - £50 per person - 11 tickets available


Book The Guildhall on 6th January 2018 - £40 per person - 24 tickets available

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